Media-Socialist Revolution


Why Qindo

Because inflation makes you poorer and deflation makes new comers less productive.

Because in an anon sphere simple tax in trade and holding-driven redistribution systems failed to bring a fair system.

We are building a disinflationary social capitalism without tax in trade thanks to NFT-and-social-network-API-based Proof-of-Social-Utility mechanisms bringing incentivised solidarity systems and a monetary system based on a self-regulated democratic power.


Social Mining

Link your own NFT to your social profile and get perpetual right to mint $QINDO by burning $QINDO in an upvote system and trade your augmented NFT through Qindo interface.

Receiver's quantum $QINDO upvote  : Q = (∑B+1)/(∑A+1) 

With upvote from the candidate (A) and from tiers (B)

Daily $QINDO claimable reward for tiers upvoters and per upvote given : R = 1/Q


Social Staking

See your $QINDO balance growing each time someone burns $QINDO in QINDO's interface.

$QINDO reflected reward for $QINDO holders per upvote given by the community : P = Q/3


Social Farming

Change your received upvote score for $QINDO from the QINDO reserve or trade your augmented NFT in Qindo interface.

Social Score for receiver : S = (∑A+1)*(∑B+1)

With upvote from the candidate (A) and from tiers (B)

$QINDO available reward to claim for upvote received from tiers and by burning S : C = Q/7


Dual Reflection System

Discover an instant burn-driven positive reflection and a periodic mint-driven negative reflection with supply-driven rebasing system.


By this way we redistribute $QINDO to holders and to QINDO reserve through the Proof-of-Social-Utility algorithm regulating burn and mint in order to keep stable the circulating supply and an average positive passive income for everyone in time. 


Social Funding

Because creating a solidarity disinflationary system impacting any NFT communities and mainstream social networks is not enough.


We will add a system able to impact any crypto communities by underlying your own NFT with your own fungible in order to balance with the community an NFT-based index fund used as overcollateral in an NFT-based P2P lending system (underlying NFTs with lending claims and debts). The index fund is caped with ETH and the underled value in NFT automaticaly rebalanced and your augmented NFT are tradable through Qindo interface.


A web 4.0 concept

Qindo brings an hyperfluid and limitless yield mechanism to any anon social beings in a utility-driven disinflationary mechanism based on incentivised solidary and permissionless vote systems and an NFT-based liquid social legacy. We called it the media-socialism.

A project by the People, for the People

1 billion $QINDO

Launched without Initial Offering but a very low cap and low liquidity pool and huge early supporters reward.

40% for bounty program

40% for LP lockers before 01/01/22 (from 3 to 8 months) if 40% lock or IDO

10% for team

10% for marketing operation


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